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BB Service

is a company of technical and administrative services resulting from a partnership of professionals with years of experience in the field of public works and private building, both in design as in the management and supervision of works, embracing a wide and significant field of work.

BB Service, relying on a network of consultants specialized in various fields of interest, ensuring the necessary support to identify and pursue the best possible outcome.

The concept behind BB Service is that any intervention, from the simplest to the most complex, requires a number of skills to be put in to reach the desired goal, and that only the integrated management of all the professional, serving as a single source for the customer, it is possible to optimize time and costs and avoid delays due to misunderstandings and friction between the various figures involved in the case of loans to professionals chosen individually and coordinated by the Customer.

BB Service, once identified the aims and wishes of the customer, it is proposed as an advisor and support in the choice of the property, in the development of design solutions to sew it in a way tailored to the needs of the client, obtaining the necessary permits, as construction management to ensure compliance on time and on budget, as an interior designer to define even the smallest details necessary to the transformation from "property" to "home".

The perfect house doesn't exists, but there is an ideal home for everyone.

The attention to the aspirations of the client, taking care of every single detail, the meticulous preparation of each phase of the intervention, the discreet but tangible presence at all times, the continuous research of the best solutions in terms of distribution of space, of electrical , mechanical and plumbing, lighting, automation and home automation, finishes and furnishings are the trademark of BB Service.

Offered services:

- Design (Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design)
- Construction Supervision
- Complete service
  (Surveys, Permits, Connections, Practices of all kinds)

BB Service uses, among other things, of professionals who have gained extensive experience in the management of works of great importance, both in the public and private sectors: infrastructure, environmental remediation, urban redevelopment, schools, hospitals, but also centers commercial and residential complexes.

For each order BB Service is positioned alongside the Customer ensuring:

  • Economical and Technical Analysis of the order
  • Defining business plan
  • Processing economic budget / timeline
  • Planning activities to achieve the target set
  • Management of development contract
  • Management of relations with Public Administrations and Private Bodies

All these actions, as unique characteristics and type, are characterized by a common denominator, that is the need to be managed in an appropriate manner and programmatic so as to ensure the constant and total management of each single detail, so that the expected result is achieved on time and as agreed.

BB Service is not just technical advice and management, but also and above all an integrated network that enables secure services such as:

01Designing, Road Works,
Construction and Installation

02Consulting for Environmental Issues
(Land Reclamation, Characterizations)

03Designing of Health Facilities

04Management and Accounting Work

05Practices Expropriation


07Legal Assistance